HOWTO Add PTR records

In this HOWTO we will explain to you how to add PTR records to Reverse zone.

How to add PTR records to Reverse zone

Adding PTR records, for now, is only available and possible to be done thru Automation Server Client. After you login into Automation Server Client to the desired customer, you need to take following steps to add PTR record:

  1. Expand CsDomainReverseZone[]

  2. Expand CsDnsZoneReverse []

  3. Right click on DnsZone[] and choose “Add Child Service => DnsZoneRecord”  Right

  4. New window will appear and you have to fill following data

    1. Data:  ( value of domain with DOT and the end)

    2. DNS Type: PTR

    3. Label:  Last part of IP address (ex. It is 212 that you need to insert for a label.

  5. Click Ok

  6. Under DnsZone[] will be seeable DnsZoneRecord that you have added.



  1. Into field DATA, you need to insert a value of domain with DOT at the end, for example, need

  2. DNS Type is always PTR

  3. For a label, you need to insert last part of IP address. For example is the 212 that you need to insert.

PS. For testing purposes, in case PTR is not resolvable check the record in order to see if zone's range is set properly.
eg. dig cname
This should return the content of the brackets on CsDomainReverseZone.
If that is not the case, it means the zo n e is improperly set and as such record is out of range.

Proceed to adapt the zone properly via Automation.



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