This article explains procedure for applying .se foundation specific campaign in 3 phases.

  1. Apply Billing API patch
    1. On demand, Atomia will provide .dll file that needs to be copied to C:\Program Files (x86)\Atomia\BillingAPIs\BillingApi\Bin on server where BIlling API is installed
    2. Update Billing API database with script provided in attached file 'InsertPlugin.sql'.
  2. Apply Customer Panel patch
    1. On demand, Atomia will provide DomainSearch.ascx file that need to be copied to C:\Program Files (x86)\BillingCustomerPanel\Themes\Default\Views\ExtraDomainsPartials (overwrite existing file) on server where Billing Customer Panel is installed.
  3. Insert campaign into database
    1. Update Campaign parameters, List of items and List of currencies in 'Deploy.sql' attachment with custom data by desire. Parameters explanation follows:
      1. @CampaignName - Can be any string, for example 'SummerCampaign' or other by desire
      2. @ValidFrom - date and time from which campaign becomes active, for example '2015-02-01 10:00:00.000'
      3. @ValidThru - date and time by which campaign will be active, for example '2015-04-30 10:00:00.000'
      4. @Description - text by desire that describes campaign
      5. @Priority - property that describes how this campaign is prioritized against other campaigns. Lower number means higher priority. To check priorities of current campaigns, go to Campaign Manager page in Admin Panel
      6. @Items - temporary table that contains all items you want discounted. For each item you want add one INSERT line as in this example: INSERT INTO @Items VALUES ('DMN-NET')
      7. @DiscountPerCurrency - temporary table that contains list of currencies active in environment with discounts for each one (first value is discount in percent and second is absolute discount, second is not relevant if first is different then 0.00). For each currency add one INSERT line as in this example: INSERT INTO @DiscountPerCurrency VALUES ('USD', 20.0000, 0.0000)
      8. Rest of the variables should remain as they are.
    2. Execute script into Atomia Billing database

For any questions contact Atomia supoprt