This feature is supported in Atomia Billing API and after installation it should be activated in Billing API’s web.config file. This can be done by setting editing the file and setting enabled attribute of multiPackage element to “true”:

<multiPackage enabled="True" />

In order to have this option after every update, creation of transformation is prefered.

Ordering multiple packages

When ordering more than one package it is important to add PackageGroupId custom attribute for all order lines. It should be unique per customer and all services which should be bound to one package should have the same value for PackageGroupId attribute as the package order line. 

Managing packages

When customer has more than one package provisioned, in both panels he/she will have a dropdown menu to choose which package is managed. It is shown in upper right corner and allows customer easy switching. When package is switched, services are refreshed.

Ordering additional services

In Billing, when ordering additional domains and/or services, they will be bound to selected package and provisioned under it. This can be verified in Admin Panel by checking if subscription has the same PackageGroupId value in custom attributes.