This article describes how to use Atomia Installer in order to update some of Atomia windows applications. Guide assumes that customization packages in your GITHUB repository are valid.

Before you begin

  1. Major releases of Atomia might require additional steps during upgrade, like OS upgrade or similar. If so, this will be designated in our release documentation, in the 'Upgrade instructions' section
  2. It is recommended that you install in following order:
    1. Automation server
    2. Cloud Hosting Pack
    3. Identity
    4. Billing API
    5. GUI applications

Update Atomia apps

  1. Login to server where application is hosted
  2. Start Atomia Installer as Domain Administrator
  3. Click 'Download Apps List' and then 'Rescan (quick)' - this will get list of latest apps and scan system to determine installed versions. Outdated applications will be in red.
  4. Select desired application and click Install button (on the right)
  5. Dialogue box will appear with several options. You will be able to chose version to install and if to backup old files and database. Default options will do in most cases. So click Ok.
  6. Status bar will appear.
  7. For some applications, you will be asked what to do with running processes that prevent installation to complete. Chose to automatically turn them off and proceed. 

Apply customization

  1. Acquire latest customization files from your GITHUB repository
  2. Copy customization pack of each application over exiting files in filesystem
  3. User 'Recreate config files' link in root of the application to get valid configuration


Try to open following links from the server where related application is hosted:










Test all major features.

In case of problems, contact Atomia support.