This guide provide instructions on how to import domain that is already registered with registry used by Atomia domain registration but not in Atomia.

  1. On Atomia domainregistration server set domain to be local: domainreg_client --method DomainSetLocal --arg domain.tld
  2. From Admin Panel created transfer order for domain
    1. Go to Orders > Add new order
    2. Select target customer or fill in customer details, depending if order is for new or existing customer.
      1. Orders for new customers should also include at least one package product
      2. If existing customer is selected, all customer fields should be filled in automatically
    3. In the product summary table at the bottom, click the Select product ... dropdown
    4. Select product for transferring desired domain (differs from environment to environment, default is Transfer .tld)
    5. If you want to prevent creating first invoice set the price in input field Discount to value of the product you have chosen so that total is 0,00
      1. If you want to change the product price, select 'Override product price' and type manually in price for this order
    6. Click the link Edit product data for the selected product.
    7. In the category Order data, provide the following input:
      1. Name: DomainName
      2. Value: domain.tld (replace with the domain name to transfer)
    8. Click Add new field
    9. Provide the following input in the new fields:
      1. Name: TransferAuthCode
      2. Value: abcd (any input is OK for an internal transfer).
    10. Click Close
    11. Click Save
    12. After system completes processing order, domain will be imported (expected in several minutes)