Following steps describe procedure to enable new current in Atomia platform. 

WARNING: Make sure to use transactions when performing database commands.

  1. Update desired currencies to 'active'
    UPDATE AtomiaBilling..currency SET active = 1 where code in ('EUR', 'USD')
    ( For list of all available currencies and their current status: SELECT name, code, active FROM AtomiaBilling..currency )
  2. Enable currency for each reseller where it is needed
    INSERT INTO AtomiaBilling..reseller_currencies
    SELECT, FROM AtomiaAccount..account a  
    INNER JOIN AtomiaBilling..account_details d ON d.account_id = 
    INNER JOIN AtomiaBilling..reseller_configuration r on = d.fk_reseller_configuration_id 
    INNER JOIN AtomiaBilling..currency c on 1=1 
    WHERE c.code IN ('EUR', 'USD') 
    AND IN ('100000', '100497', '100617')
  3. Define products' prices for each new currency

Do not forget to replace example values from the guide with actual currency codes and reselles' numbers.