There are situations when payment needs to be added manually. It is either when payment was received in some way that is not trough Atomia system, or successful payment transaction was not processed well by Atomia for whatever reason. In that case, administrator is able to add this payment manually.

  1. In Admin Panel, go to Payments
  2. Click 'Add payments' in the menu on the left
  3. Fill in 'Document ID' field. Value is not that relevant. We suggest using some combination of invoice number and timestamp, but this is only for sake of easier searching later. Any value will work.
  4. Select payment method, preferably one that was used for real. 
  5. Fill in invoice reference number. Once you switch focus off Invoice reference field, you will get info about total amount of invoice and if there is something paid already, in Amount/Paid section.
  6. In Paid/Comment section put in amount to pay.
  7. Optionally, you can add more payment in same batch by clicking 'Add new payment'
  8. Once done with payments, click 'ADD PAYMENTS' button