1. Add a product to reseller for prepaid credit (with Prepaid credit category)

E.g. PRE-1 with the price NOK 1 (tax included). for Norwegian reseller with tax 25%, the price should be NOK 0.8 (Tax selected: RuleBasedTaxPlugin)

Depending on what you use: Add the product to default shop or into Atomia.Web.Plugin.HostingProducts.dll.config (via transformation file, do iisreset) on the server where BCP resides.

Insert the new tax item category for the prepaid credit:

  insert into [AtomiaBilling].[dbo].[tax_item_category] 

  VALUES (NEWID(), '2dac8d7e-32c4-4a40-9e69-0422f8beb505', 'PrepaidCredit', 'PrepaidCredit')

2. Activate the prepaid credit menu in BCP

Through transformation files, in C:\Program Files (x86)\Atomia\BillingCustomerPanel\App_Data\appConfig.config

Uncomment the following:

        <!--<menuItem id="miid10" name="AtomiaCredits" resourceKey="AtomiaCredits" action="Index" controller="PrepaidCredit" controllerAssembly="Atomia.Web.Plugin.BillingCustomerPanel.PrepaidCredit" controllerNamespace="Atomia.Web.Plugin.BillingCustomerPanel.PrepaidCredit.Controllers">


                        <additionalRouteValues id="arvid6_a" name="accountID" value="{accountID}" />



                        <additionalItemProperties id="aipid8_a" name="accountUser" value="true"/>



Set  <globalSetting name="PrepaidCreditPaymentEnabled" to "true"

3. Set the payment method for reseller for prepaid credit

In Billing Database, in reseller_configuration_payment_method table should be inserted prepayment method. 

fk_reseller_configuration_id can be fetched from account_details table.

4. Enable the payment plugin in Billing database:

            UPDATE AtomiaBilling.dbo.plugin

            SET enabled = 1

            WHERE name = 'AtomiaPrepaidCreditPaymentPlugin'