NOTE: Following guide describes Atomia application configuration change so make sure to follow guidelines from HOWTO change configuration of some Atomia application.

File to change: Privisioning Description

Default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Atomia\AutomationServer\Common\ProvisioningDescriptions\ProvisioningDescription.xml on the server where Atomia Automation Server is hosted.

Locate package that you want to change limits for. XPath for all packages is /provisioningDescription/packageDescription/packageList/package. Find one with name that you want to change. Relative to package, there is globalLimitation element on this path: serviceLimitationList/globalLimitation. Under it you need to add group element like this:

            <group maxCount="X">

              <service name="ServiceName" />


Where X need to be replaced with desired limitation and ServiceName with actual service name from provisioning description.