Affiliate system in Atomia

Beside traditional reseller earning model you can also configure affiliate model using resellers. This is achieved by setting up percentage of revenue shared that will be brought in by reseller / affiliate

So basically in an use case would look like this:

  1. Create new reseller #TODO: link to article;
  2. Define new shop and include products that your reseller will be able to resell (additionaly adapt prices and / or names of the products that buyers will see)
  3. Connect this shop to URL you would like to provide to your reseller / affiliate. This can also be under his own domain name, such as:
  4. Who ever places order using this URL will be automatically assigned to the reseller, while same provisioning rules will apply as for the rest of your products, ie. all automation and such
  5. At certain moment (end or beginning of the month) you will generate reseller / affiliate revenue share report under Settings > Reseller commission in Administration panel which will state how many customers have you won through this reseller.
  6. You pay out agreed revenue share to your reseller / affiliate (before hand agreed percentage of revenue).

Most commonly this will be used for example to provide to webdesign bureau who is using your hosting company for referral of their own customers. In under one hour you can accommodate your relations enabling them to provision hosting services on your infrastructure.