Atomia release cycle

Atomia releases two major updates of our software every year. These updates are made available on:

  • Mid March

  • Mid September

every year.

Our release cycle is time driven and not feature driven.
This means that when we plan new release we are considering what can be realistically achieved in six months, rather than planning based on the feature set. Biggest advantage is that you can set your clock to our release schedule - and we never bite more than we can chew (which inevitably leads to breaking the deadline or even worse publishing unfinished code or feature).

What is included in software updates

Each software update will bring new features to Atomia as well as many performance improvements, bug fixes and visual changes.
Even better than this - every single software update is included in our license model.

Who decides what will be in the next software release

Our software release is based on couple of factors, which are:
  • Input from our support department (are there any pain points our customers experience currently)

  • Suggestions and feature request from our customers

  • Market trends that have occurred

  • Performance improvements

  • Expanding on existing feature set

  • Introduction of completely new feature sets

As soon as new version has been released we start working on the features that will be developed for the next release cycle.

Finally, we urge - even more, slightly 'force' our customer to update to newest version as soon as possible and we can proudly say that we have succeeded so far and that all of our customers are running latest version of our software.