Vanilla Atomia installation

Once Atomia is being installed for the first time, we recommend following environments to be installed:




This environment does not have to have a lot hardware resources. It is ment for you to test, play around, discover - without ever having to worry if this environment goes down.


Staging also does not require too many hardware resources. Staging environment should at all times be exact copy (in terms of configuration) of your production environments. When ever you want to deploy new configuration, package or any other system or end user setting - you should always deploy it in staging. If it holds up, you can push it to production.


Production environment is where your end customers actually use your services.

With our Vanilla installation of Atomia all necessary components and configurations will be automatically rolled out. These include all email templates, invoice templates, basic workflows for provisioning of shared hosting and cloud services, basic financial workflows and much more.

Once you have Vanilla installation ready, you can start configuring GUI and packages.

You can find more information here.