HOWTO How to configure Reseller

To be able to edit ROOT reseller, you need to do next steps:

  1. Log in into Admin panel
  2. Under tab "Settings" choose "Reseller configuration"

  3. When list of all available reseller is shown, choose reseller with number "100000" and click on it

  4. Fill all necessary field ( see the pictures 1 and 2)

    1. First name
    2. Last name
    3. Email
    4. Invoice sent via
    5. Address
    6. City
    7. Zip
    8. Country
    9. Phone

    10. Set Shipping address to be same as main
    11. Set Billing address to be same as main
    12. Tax Calculation type
    13. Order page URLĀ 
    14. Default language for ROOT Reseller
    15. Default currency for ROOT Reseller
    16. Default payment method
  5. After all this click SAVE.