Pre-requirement  for being able to do this is to have a new wildcard certificate for Atomia applications in format  *.PFX . It is necessary to update wildcard certificate on next machines:
  • BCP
  • HCP
  • Admin
  • Login

To update wildcard certificate follow next steps:

  1. Log into appropriate server
  2. In Windows search bar type "MMC"
  3. Choose "File" => "Add/Remove Snap-in"
  4. Choose "Certificates"
  5. Press "ADD"
  6. Choose "Computer account"
  7. Choose "Local computer"
  8. Press "OK"
  9. From Console Root choose Certificates => Personal => Certificates
  10. For wildcard certificate *.yourdomain.tld
    1. Right click on certificate
    2. Choose All Tasks
    3. Choose Export
    4. Click "Next"
    5. Choose "Yes, export the private key"
    6. Choose "Personal Information Exchange - PKCS #12 (.PFX)"
    7. Check "Include all certificates in the certification path if possible"
    8. Click "Next"
    9. Check "Group or user names"
    10. Click "Next"
    11. Choose where you want certificate to be saved and named it
    12. Click "Next" and then "Finish"
  11. After exporting you must delete old wildcard certificate
  12. To import new wildcard certificate
    1. Right click on Certificates => Personal
    2. Choose "All Tasks"
    3. Choose "Import"
    4. Click "Next".
    5. Choose new wildcard certificate, press "Next"
    6. Choose store where you want new certificate to be stored, press "Next"
    7. Press "Finish"
  13. In Windows search bar type "IIS Manager"
  14. To update certificates for site you need to do:
    1. Right click on site and choose "Edit bindings"
    2. Mark Hostname and click on "Edit"
    3. In SSL Certificate choose appropriate certificate
  15. Repeat steps for each site.

In case certificate is not in .PFX format but separate .cert and .key files, after you have imported certificate to MMC, follow the KB to match it to the key :