HOWTO Add or edit mail template

In order to ADD new you have to follow next steps:

  1. Login into Admin panel

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Choose Mail Templatepic1.png

  4. Choose Add mail template

  5. Fill out all necessary fields

    1. Template name - This is the name of the template. It should always end with either 'Subject' or 'Body'. All custom email templates are auto-prefixed with 'Customization'. So, example of template name would be 'CustomizationMyTemplateSubject' or 'CustomizationMyTemplateBody'.

    2. Tag - Tags for personal organization of templates

    3. Description - Describes template in a more friendly way than it's name. For example 'Email subject for welcome email

    4. Owner - Defines reseller that template belongs to. If some reseller does not have certain template of its own, then one that belongs to 100000 resellers (root reseller) is used

    5. Language - Defines language that template is written with. If there is no customer's language for a certain template, then default reseller's language is used.

    6. Template type - Defines template's type. This is important as each type has a different set of available placeholders to use.

    7. Content - design for a new template -  In a case of templates ending with Subject, it holds subject of an email to send. In the case of templates ending with Content, it holds the content of an email to be sent.

  6. Choose some of existing customers to see how template looks like

  7.  Click SAVE

In order to EDIT existing mail template, you have to follow next steps:

  1. In Admin Panel, go to Settings -> Mail Templates

  2. Select desired template to edit

  3. Edit Content field by desire

    1. Optionally, copy content to some HTML friendly editor for easier editing.

  4. Save changes made

For more information you can always contact Atomia’s friendly support team.