Update registration status in Hosting Control Panel

There are times, when WhoIs information shows that a domain transfer from another hosting party shows successful transfer, but Hosting Control Panel of the customer hasn’t updated the information yet.

The first information on the domain we will get from Atomia Test Client. Connect to the automation machine and log in the Atomia Test Client with an Administrator account for Username/Password credentials and the customer’s ID, as shown in customer’s tab in Admin Panel or Hosting Control Panel, whose transfer we want to investigate (eg. 100000).

From there, we will encounter two possibilities both of which require to expand from the service’s menu in Automation and search for the service DomainRegDomain[domain_in_question], which can be found under CsDomainRegList.

In both occasions, we will encounter the same in the DomainRegDomain’s menu.

  •   StatusRegistrationStatus : Transfer initiated successfully 

  •   StatusTransferMessage   : Pending

  •   StatusTransferStatus   : Unknown

Domain Registration is updated but not Hosting Control Panel

This case will be encountered when further on expanding DomainRegDomain and inspecting DomainRegStatus[domain_in_question].

Upon inspection of DomainRegStatus’s menu, we see the respective fields that were mentioned above are blank and not corresponding to the fields of DomainRegDomain.

In this case, we can right-click DomainRegDomain and “Edit Service”. Then, delete the 3 fields mentioned above and click “Ok”.

This will result in Domainreg being in sync with Hosting Control Panel and update the status of domain in Hosting Control Panel’s Domain Manager to “OK”.

Domain Registration hasn’t updated the domain’s status

In this case, the domainreg machine hasn’t made the domain local and thus automation doesn’t have the updated status of the domain.

This case can be realized through expanding like before DomainRegStatus but this time the info found will be the same with DomainRegDomain.

For overcoming this issue, we will log in the domainreg machine.

Once, inside domainreg :

  • Run domainreg_client   --method DomainIsLocal --arg [domain_in_question].   This should return local=‘0’ and verify that the domain hasn’t been set local and thus no entries of it can be found inside the domainreg database.

  • Run domainreg_client --method DomainSetLocal --arg [domain_in_question]. This will make the domain local and initiate the writing in the domainreg’s machine database along with updating domain’s info on domainreg’s machine. (eg. Expiration date, assigned nameservers, etc.).

From this point ,we will hit “Refresh” button from Atomia’s Test Client menu and inspect DomainRegStatus for the updated info and , if needed, repeat the procedure to update DomainRegDomain as well , as seen in the section above.

Update Admin Panel

As last touches, we can update the relevant subscription from Admin Panel, to correspond to the dates seen in HCP and DomainReg if that is not already the case.

From Admin Panel, while logged in as Administrator, open the subscription for editing from the “Subscriptions” tab of the customer and update the expiration/renewal dates to be in sync with the ones from Hosting Control Panel.

Once, that is done, hit save and inspect the “Renewal” column for this domain in HCP, which will have the indication “Automatic”.