Add new tax profile

By default, Atomia installation comes with one default tax profile. If additional profile is needed, apply following instructions.

Table tax_profile

Table AtomiaBilling..tax_profile is where profiles are stored. To add new profile execute following query:


INSERT INTO AtomiaBilling..tax_profile VALUES (NEWID(), 'profile name', 0)


Make sure to replace 'profile name' with actual name that you want. 

Table tax_profile_reseller

Profile added in tax_profile will not do much unless we relate it to some reseller. this is done trough AtomiaBilling..tax_profile_reseller table. To bind reseller with guid reseller_giud with profile with guid profile_guid, execute following query: 


INSERT INTO AtomiaBilling..tax_profile_reseller VALUES (NEWID(), profile_guid, reseller_guid)


Use actual profile and reseller guids. If you need to bind more reseller to same profile, apply same query for each of the resellers.

Table tax_item_category

New tax profile will only be applied to items from selected categoires. What categories of products are affected by certain tax prifle is defined in table AtomiaBilling..tax_item_category. For each category that you want tax profile to be applied to, execute following query:


INSERT INTO AtomiaBilling..tax_item_category VALUES (NEWID(), profile_giud, category, category)

 Replace profile_guid with actual value and category with name of then item's category

Table tax_rule

Althogh profile is now added, tax will not be applied to invoice unless some rules are meet. These rules are defined in AtomiaBilling..tax_rule table. More abount defining rules you can find in dedicated article.

For more information do not hesitate contact Atomia Support department.

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