HOWTO Setup Proforma invoices

In this HOWTO, we will explain to you how to set up proforma invoices and procedure for them works.

How to turn on Proforma invoices

Before you can start using proforma invoices, it is necessary to set them up. First, it is necessary to change Web.config file that is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Atomia\BillingAPIs\BillingApi. In Web.Config file you need to change line where it says <invoiceMode mode="Invoice" /> to <InvoiceMode mode="Proforma" />.

Changes to this file need to be done thru transformation files. In order to make changes to configuration files in Atomia Applications, you have to follow rules and regulations regarding Atomia configuration files and transformation. More information about it can be found on following links:

New transformation file that will do changes to Web.config file needs to be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Atomia\BillingAPIs\BillingApi\Transformation Files. After the transformation file is made and stored at the location mentioned in the previous sentence, it is necessary to start Recreate config files  that are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Atomia\BillingAPIs .It is important to run it as Administrator.

The last step that needs to be taken in order to proforma invoices to work in to reset IIS. You can do that by opening Windows PowerShell and run command iisreset.

In order to see all Proforma invoices you need to follow next steps:

  1. Login into Admin panel

  2. Go to tab Invoices

  3. Choose List of invoices

  4. Choose Proforma invoices

In order to see all proforma invoices for the desired customer, you need to follow next steps

  1. Login into Admin panel

  2. In global search look for the desired customer

  3. Open Customer card and under the tab Proforma invoices you can see all proforma invoices for this customer.

How to set up counter for proforma invoices

This solution will help you out how to set up counter for, in this case, proforma invoices. In order to set a counter to start from the desired number, it is necessary to update table sequence_counter in database AtomiaBilling.

Setting up start number for counter you can do by running following query on this table:

 begin tran

 update sequence_counter

 set value = '500000'

 where id = 'E5A5E194-1487-4CA7-AE78-2917B569A902'



This query will set up a counter on the desired number for the master reseller. You can also set up for each reseller to have different starting numbers for proforma counter or any other counter.

In table sequance_counter, there is column counter_type, and explanation for what numbers in this table stands for is in the following table:

Counter type



Invoice number counter


Credited invoice number counter


Order number counter.


Subscription number counter.


The payment ID counter


The default payment document ID counter


Credit card payment method document ID counter.


DirectPayment payment method document ID counter.


Bank Giro payment method document ID counter.


PayPal payment method document ID counter.


PayEx Redirect payment method document ID counter.


WorldPay payment method document ID counter.


Dibs FlexWin payment method document ID counter.


WorldPay Xml payment method document ID counter.


Adyen HPP payment method document ID counter.


Proforma number counter


Once when you set up Proforma invoices to be in use, only proforma invoices will be issued. Regular invoices will be created when a customer made payment for issued proforma invoice.

Whole procedure how Proforma invoices work is that once when you issue a proforma invoice, the customer will get proforma invoice where they can see how much they have to pay for services if they decide to use them. Once when they decide to use services listed in proforma invoices, they can make a regular payment like normal invoice was issued. After payment is received, the system will automatically make invoice that is going to be set as paid immediately.



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