HOWTO Apply VAT to new products

In this HOWTO we will explain to you how to set up VAT to be applied when purchasing products.

How to apply VAT on new product

Before you can set VAT to be applied to products, it is necessary to set up table tax_rule in database AtomiaBilling according to a country where your company is from. This can be done by following next HOWTO:

After table tax_rule has been set up, in order VAT to be used properly you need to update table tax_item_category in AtomiaBilling database. Table need to be updated with following SQL query:


INSERT INTO tax_item_category (id, fk_tax_profile_id, name, pretty_name)

VALUES(NEWID(), '2DAC8D7E-32C4-4A40-9E69-0422F8BEB505','PrepaidCredit','PrepaidCredit'),

(NEWID(), '2DAC8D7E-32C4-4A40-9E69-0422F8BEB505','Hosting','Hosting'),

(NEWID(), '2DAC8D7E-32C4-4A40-9E69-0422F8BEB505','DomainOwnerChange','DomainOwnerChange'),

(NEWID(), '2DAC8D7E-32C4-4A40-9E69-0422F8BEB505','ExtraService','ExtraService'),

(NEWID(), '2DAC8D7E-32C4-4A40-9E69-0422F8BEB505','SSL','SSL'),

(NEWID(), '2DAC8D7E-32C4-4A40-9E69-0422F8BEB505','VDC','VDC'),

(NEWID(), '2DAC8D7E-32C4-4A40-9E69-0422F8BEB505','Campaign','Campaign'),

(NEWID(), '2DAC8D7E-32C4-4A40-9E69-0422F8BEB505','DomainTransfer','DomainTransfer'),

(NEWID(), '2DAC8D7E-32C4-4A40-9E69-0422F8BEB505','Billing','Billing'),

(NEWID(), '2DAC8D7E-32C4-4A40-9E69-0422F8BEB505','VPS','VPS'),

(NEWID(), '2DAC8D7E-32C4-4A40-9E69-0422F8BEB505','DomainRedemptionRestore','DomainRedemptionRestore'),

(NEWID(), '2DAC8D7E-32C4-4A40-9E69-0422F8BEB505','Domain','Domain'),

(NEWID(), '2DAC8D7E-32C4-4A40-9E69-0422F8BEB505','Cloud','Cloud'),

(NEWID(), '2DAC8D7E-32C4-4A40-9E69-0422F8BEB505','DNS','DNS')



Value for field fk_tax_profile_id is from table tax_profile in AtomiaBilling database and you can get it by the following query:

SELECT * from tax_profile

Every new product that is going to be added has to be in some of the categories mentioned above in order for VAT to be applied  to that product.



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