How to add long txt records

When you have tried to add a txt record through Hosting Control Panel (referred as HCP from now on), you may have encountered an error

1) about not being able to add long text records

2) or isn't allowed rdata for TXT, synopsis is "quotedstring"

This guide will cover how to add long text records with a workaround, such as DKIM records.


The issue arises from a limitation when DNS records with strings whose length is longer than 255 characters. Such an example would be the DKIM records which consist of an RSA key (usually longer than 255 characters).


The workaround to that is to break down our string to smaller quoted parts.

So let's say, we would have to add a string like “big_string_above_255_characters” (Note this is an example and the error would occur only for strings of that length and above).

Instead, you should add it like “big_string_” “above_255_characters” .

So, essentially we’re breaking the string into quoted smaller string (below 255 characters) that have a space in between.