HOWTO Downgrade customer refund workflow

In this HOWTO we will explain to you how to downgrade customer refund workflow looks like.

How to downgrade customers refund workflow

The downgrade of a customer is possible to be done thru Billing Customer Panel. By choosing “Subscription” from a menu you will see a package that you are currently using and possible upgrades and downgrades.

In case that case that customer requires downgrade since downgrade automatically means a lower price of a product, in that case, refund needs to be done.

There are few options when it comes to refund, depending on that what customer wants.

  1. In the process of a downgrade, you will be asked do you want a refund or not. If a customer chooses “NO” , in that case, a downgrade will be done without refund.

  2. If a customer chooses “YES” as an option for a refund, it will be asked to enter bank account to which he/she wants their refund money to be transferred. In this case, money will not be transferred to the customer automatically, but email will be sent to an email address specified in DowngradeRefundEmailDestination in OrderEventHandler configuration, usually to Administrator, and a refund will be done manually by an administrator.

  3. Administrator can disable refund with setting to false global setting. This setting is located in the following file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Atomia\BillingCustomerPanel\App_Data\appConfig.config.

    <globalSetting name="RefundCustomerAvailable" value="false" />


Changes made in step 3 needs to be done thru transformation files. In order to make changes to configuration files in Atomia Applications, you have to follow rules and regulations regarding Atomia configuration files and transformation. More information about it can be found on following links:



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