How to re-register domain

There are times when we try to register a domain that was already registered to a customer of us and it fails to do so.


The reason for that is the domain has expired, due to not being renewed, but relevant subscription is still provisioned, so residual data remain in domainreg. This hinders the domainreg from registering the domain again.


The solution to that is rather simple and revolves around terminating the old subscription that is responsible for that domain, so that the necessary triggers happen in domainreg’s side to clear it from the aforementioned data.

Once, the old subscription is terminated (and making sure customer doesn’t miss necessary data, as VAT,phone,etc.), we can make new order for said domain and it will be provisioned registering the domain, again, without issues.

If that doesn't trigger the appropriate actions on domainreg side, then manually remove the remnant (old) data from the machine and reprovision the subscription.