Reports and string comparison

In Admin Panel , there is the option to retrieve reports for invoices, subscriptions ,etc..

We can use these reports to get data of our environment and our customer base and process that data further on. Processing could vary, but usually there is a certain need for string matching/comparison through respective algorithms (these are not provided by Atomia in any way, since it would be out of the scope of the platform).




The thing to note here is for such use-cases to be successful (or rather applicable), there is the need to know beforehand the encoding of said files.

These reports come under the form of csv files and derive straight as queries from the main Atomia’s Database.

This means, beyond exceptions in configuration, that they will be encoded with the default option for MsSQL to export data and that is UTF-16 (Codepage 1200). In addition to  that, each field (textstring) in the csv-file is terminated by a null character.

 This means that under certain configuration (when it’s made available by MS), the results could be taken as default in different encoding.

I hope, the above helped you with processing your data and for anything not covered, please contact support, which will be glad to help you with your inquiries and issues.