Custom attributes for customer data

By default Atomia customer database table stores all necessary information about the customer either it is personal or business account. However in some cases you might need to store additional dataset for your customers as well.

Database table account_custom_attribute

As a part of default solution in Atomia database we also create table called account_custom_attribute. Table properties are:

CREATE TABLE account_custom_attribute (
    id uuid NOT NULL,
    name varchar(255) NOT NULL,
    value text NOT NULL,
    fk_account_id uuid NULL


Whereby index relation is:

CREATE INDEX IX_account_custom_attribute ON account_custom_attribute (fk_account_id);

This way you can add any number of additional end customer attributes as you like. These can then be used in any customization od additional modules that you might require for your business needs.

Furthermore all additional custom attributes will become available through any Atomia API's exposing end customer data.