For EPP plugin the mapped contact is created locally, instead of being created on registry's side.

So, we can configure (up to certain extent) the format of mapped contacts (as shown on Whois publicly).

The default setup is using 6 letters from name and last_name respectively adding to them 2 random numbers with 4 and 5 digits seperated by hyphen(-). 

eg.For someone named Britney Spears, the mapped contact could be something like britne1111-11111.

We can force the prefix taken from name's characters to a specific value with adding this to the "<tld> </tld>" section : contact_id_prefix = random 

random will, now, be the prefix, eg. random1234-12345

Additionally, we can force uppercase for the contact by : contact_id_uppercase = 1

So, say we had these 2 lines in the configuration of our EPP plugin for a certain TLD, the mapped contact would be like RANDOM1234-12345