Session inactivity timeout configuration

This will be a small configuration example on how to change the timeout due to inactivity when browsing through Atomia Panels.

This will be done through a transformation on web.config of the relevant application. 

For example, in the case of Control Panels, the web.config would be located under path "Atomia\HostingControlPanel\web.config"

and the transformation should be placed under path "Atomia\HostingControlPanel\Transformation Files" with a proper name (eg, Web.SessionTimeout.config)

Similarly, This change can be applied in the same way for all panels on the relative applicaiton's path.

1) The transformation is :

<configuration xmlns:xdt="">
  <sessionState timeout="120" xdt:Transform="Insert" />

Above value of timeout="120" is in seconds.

2) Finally, run script "Recreate config files" located in the same directory as web.config (eg. for Control Panel C:\Program Files (x86)\Atomia\HostingControlPanel\Recreate config files)

General rules for applying changes to Atomia platform can be seen here.