NOTE: If you have environment with multiple resellers, make sure to select correct reseller from the reseller picker (upper-right corner, besides search box) before you proceed with making an order. 

  1. Go to Order page of Admin Panel
  2. Click 'Add new order'
  3. Select customer from customer picker by Existing customer field (this will auto fill majority of the form with available data)
  4. From drop-down list select product you want to make order for
    1. Some products require special attributes (some will be listed bellow), so for such you need to
      1. Click 'Edit product data'
      2. Put Name {name_of_the_attribute} and Value {value_of_the_attribute} 
      3. Repeat steps 1. and 2. for each required attribute
      4. Click Close
  5. For any additional product you want to add, click Add new product and repeat step 4
  6. If needed, you can discount some or all of the products in the list by putting value between 0 and product price in the Discount filed for specific product
  7. Click 'Save'

Required attributes:

For all domain, domain transfer, domain ownership change, domain reactivation or other product in any way tied to domain, add attribute with name DomainName and value that is actual domain name (

For domain transfer add attribute with name TransferAuthCode and actual code for the value (unless transfer does not require code, in which case this attribute can be skipped)