Make sure you have all the required details needed to add the product:

    • Name of the products to be added (for example: .biz TLD and TLD transfer)

    • Price for the product to be added

    1. Navigate to the products page in admin panel ( admin > products > products ) and do the following

        • Chose a product you will use as reference (eg. If we want to add a TLD product, we can use DMN-COM as reference)

        • Select the 'Add new product' in the left part of the screen

    2. Recreate the product so it matches the one used as reference, changing the following

  •         Article number 
  •         Name
  •         Description
  •         Price

    Add the following fields in the OTHER DATA section

  •         Productvalue (change to match the new product)
  •         Tos (copy from the reference product)

    Save the changes

3. Navigate to the Products > Shops page and chose the 'Default Shop'




    In the default shop, chose add new product at the bottom of the screen



    In the pop-up window chose the product you just created in the dropdown menu, and the category which it belongs to


    Save the changes to both the pop-up windows and the default shop.



 4. Connect to the domain registration server, and navigate to  /etc/domainreg.conf


Edit this configuration file to include new <tld> sections for any product you added, as shown in the examples of the following article: 


    After changing and saving the configuration file, restart the Domainreg api