How to change default website

When purchasing a webhosting product, we have the ability to add websites through the Hosting Control Panel.

Upon creation of website, we get a default page that we can alter later on to our desire.

This guide is related to the default page, we get in that case and where we can find the relative file and , if need be, alter it.

Location of default page

First of all, we need  to login to a machine with access to the shared storage, eg. Statistic.

From there, we need to access the directory of the root reseller.Usually, the shared storage’s html content is under /storage/content and the  root reseller’s account ID is 100000.

So, in most cases ,you will find the file under /storage/content/00/100000 , where 00 is last 2 digits of the account’s Id.

There, we can locate the default page file, usually by the name of index.html or index.html.default along with the responsible directory.

Name may vary for both file and relative directories, but they will always reside in the root directory of the main reseller (see /00/10000) in the shared storage.

Notice! Upon creation of website the file is copied and moved to the user’s directory (eg. /11/101311) until overwritten by the desired content. Therefore, any changes we make to the reseller’s default site will be applied only to websites added after the change.